3 Common Photocopier Problems and Solutions

3 Common Photocopier Problems and Solutions

Rarely will there be anyone who has used a copier without encountering a problem. Even though it has a simple task of copying text and images from one paper to the other, photocopier Malaysia often finds itself in the complex web of errors. The frustration that comes with these problems creates a need to look for immediate solutions.

The most common of these problems is PAPER JAMS. Can you recall the number of times you’ve had to deal with a jam Ricoh machine Malaysia? You can experience a paper jam if you are using the wrong paper size or loading paper incorrectly.

The FIX: Feed the photocopier Malaysia with the right paper and load it in the right tray.

Another problem that often causes a headache is LINES ON PAPER. It could arise from the drum unit, the scanner mirror or a malfunctioning developer. It may even be dirt and dust finding its way onto these parts.

The FIX: Look out for dirt, dust or grime on the scanner mirror. Clean it with the right liquid. If it doesn’t work, you may have to change the developer unit or the drum.

The last problem relates to the HUE OF THE COPY. Your photocopier Malaysia will produce a too light or too dark copy due to imbalance density. It could be that someone has altered the settings somewhere.

THE FIX: Check the settings, if it doesn’t work. Then, you may need to call in professionals to look through your photocopier Malaysia.