4 Uncommon Things a Photocopier Could Do

4 Uncommon Things a Photocopier Could Do

What we have today as Ricoh machine is multifunctional, not the old copiers our grandparent used. Technology has moved a great deal over the years, what Ricoh color copiers can do now is increasing. A Ricoh photocopier can now function as a fax, a printer, a scanner, and even a document management system. In the midst of all this, there are things you won’t know your Ricoh machines can achieve.

1. Create Editable Documents

No need to retype an entire document due to an incorrect word, or missing punctuation. Your Ricoh machine Malaysia will help scan your work into an editable Microsoft Word or Excel format. This will enable you to edit and effect necessary corrections.

2. Eliminate Physical Storage Space

It’s time to do away with the need for space to secure your files and document. Why can’t you just allow your Ricoh color photocopier do the work. Scan every one of the documents available and send to a cloud storage space. You will be saving space and cutting cost at the same time.

3. Color Matching

There are some projects when you have to make use of exactness of a color. Your Ricoh copier can do the color matching. All it needs is a sample, and it’ll get it done through your guidance.

4. Notify Service Centre of Problems
You won’t have to worry about running out of ink or toners. Today’s Ricoh copiers are smarter; it will hint the service center of minor problems that should be fixed before it becomes escalated.