Difference between a photocopier and a laser printer

Difference between a photocopier and a laser printer

A laser printer is one of the computer hardware used to print text, images, or photos onto paper media. The way this laser printer works is like a copier. They both can print text or images onto paper media. Then what is the difference between a laser printer and a copier? The difference is that a photocopier has a scanner so that to print, just put the sheet you want to reproduce on the scanner, then the machine will automatically print without having to do manual typing.

Some laser printers do not have a scanner so if you want to print text or images, you must first process the data on the computer and then the results can be printed via a laser printer. However, most of today’s laser printers also have a scanner feature so that the laser printer can be operated like a copier.

The most striking difference between the two is price. If the price of a laser printer is only around 2 million, while the price of a copier can reach tens of millions of rupiah. For printers that already have features for photocopies or scanners, the price is currently around 3 million. Now companies engaged in photocopying machines are able to serve the need to rent color photocopiers for offices, besides being cheaper they can also help company performance.

Difference between laser printer and copier

The advantage of a laser printer is that it is smaller so it is easy to place it anywhere. Can be put on the table or in other places. The quality of the printout from the printer is also better, the color can be adjusted as desired. For modified printers, ink filling is also easier because it only remains to open the ink cover and it can be refilled with the injection. But now copier companies are also following the development and desires of consumers by creating portable copier products.

However, this laser printer also has disadvantages such as a cartridge that does not last long. In general, this special cartridge for black is only able to print up to 2000-3000 sheets. However, for color cartridges, it is usually under 2000 sheets. The current price of cartridges is also quite expensive. One cartridge costs around 250 thousand in the market.

Photocopiers machine malaysia  have the advantage of being able to print more results than laser printers. If used for a printing business, this photocopier is more suitable and more reliable in printing.

The disadvantage of this photocopier is that it is so large. besides that, the electric power needed to operate a copier is greater than a laser printer.

This is the comparison between a laser printer and a copier. The functions of both are the same, but there are advantages to laser printers that photocopiers do not have. Likewise, there are advantages to photocopiers that laser printers don’t have.