How to Choose The Right Photocopier For Office Use

How to Choose The Right Photocopier For Office Use

Don’t just buy any photocopier, take your time to know what your office needs and the frequency of usage. The FREQUENCY OF USAGE of a photocopy machine Malaysia depends on your line of business. You cannot compare a law firm to an engineering firm when it relates to using multifunctional photocopier Malaysia. This is why choosing the right photocopy machine in Malaysia should be a priority.

Imagine having a deposition in 2 hours, and you have a slow multifunctional photocopier machine. You will end up not being able to copy the new documents you just obtained as evidence. This is to point out that the OUTPUT SPEED of your photocopy machine is an important criterion.

Another area that should be of concern to you is the ability of your multifunctional photocopier in duplicating PICTURES AND GRAPHICS. Settle for a photocopy machine with not less than 600 dpi for the best result.

Even if you are Forbes 500 companies, overhead cost still matters to you. Knowing your stationery cost will not kick you out of business is essential. Know from the onset the amount you’ll be spending on toner and ink. SERVICING AND REPAIR COSTS should also be factored.

Lastly, the brand you’ll be settling for should also be a priority. There are a good number of multifunctional photocopier manufacturers to choose from. Always pitch your tent with a brand with READILY AVAILABLE SERVICING PARTS AND REPAIR CENTRES. Check with a reputable servicing center to know if they are savvy on your chosen brand.