How to ensure the photocopier is in good condition?

How to ensure the photocopier is in good condition?

How to take care of a copy machine, a photocopier Malaysia is a tool for copying documents in the form of prints or files, with the rapid development of photocopying machine technology, the photocopy machine was used only to reproduce documents with a simple system, with the current technological development of the unit photocopiers can perform several tasks at the same time better, efficiency and ease.

The photocopy machine is now equipped with various features, and has a laser printing system that makes printing better.

Therefore the photocopying unit must always be maintained so that it can be used properly and can work optimally with good results, of course we do not want when doing work related to the Photocopier machine Malaysia suddenly the photocopying unit does work that is not in accordance with what we command and print results that are not as we expect.

Here are some tips on how to care for a copy machine:

  • Always protect the photocopier from dust. Keep it away from the trash (avoid mice).
  • Always clean the scanner glass (sanpoli / wet lab)
  • Clean the rubber with eucalyptus oil.
  • Drain ink waste.
  • Always check the toner.
  • Clean registration.
  • Maintain electricity stability (stabilizer).
  • Try to always use quality spare parts
  • Do not print using paper that is too thick.