Paper Jams? Here’s how to quickly fix it

Paper Jams? Here’s how to quickly fix it

One of the main issues which seem to happen when you’re in a rush is none other than the infamous paper jam. Don’t fret. These are tried and tested steps to get your photocopier up and running in no time.

  • Check the display panel

The first thing to do is to read the information on the LCD panel. Some important details the panel might provide include where the jam occurred or the instructions on how to manoeuvre around the machine and remove the jam.

  • Turn off the photocopy machine

Before proceeding to remove the jammed paper, correctly power off the photocopier Malaysia to avoid risk of getting injured or electrocuted.

  • Remove the jammed paper

Open up the photocopier and make sure the internal parts are cool before trying to remove the paper. It is crucial to pull at the opposite direction of where the paper seems to be jammed at. Pull with a straight and steady tension instead of tugging roughly at the paper. This is to ensure that no pieces of paper get torn and left in the machine. Once the paper is out, recheck the rollers for any residues of paper particles, marks or dust. One important tip is to lie the paper on a desk and see if every part of the paper is there and if it is not, there’s a high chance it is still in the machine.

  • Close the machine, turn it on and try printing again

When you turn on the photocopy machine, read the display panel once more to ensure that the photocopier has been closed properly, is in good working order and ready for use. 

Prevent future paper jams from happening by using the right type of paper, loading papers properly, adjusting the paper tray guides, wiping the rollers. If the problem is frequent, contact a photocopy machine Malaysia company for better assistance to get it fixed quickly and save it from bigger problems and higher bills.