Photocopy Machine: Do’s and Don’ts

Photocopy Machine: Do’s and Don’ts

Owning a photocopy machine looks easy, you click “Print” or “Scan” and carry out the task, and that is basically what it does. However, the care of the photocopy machine Malaysia is very important to ensure a steady and prolonged use for maximum effectiveness. These are some Do’s and Don’ts that you should be aware of and practice in the daily use of your photocopy machine.


  • Plan Ahead Routine Maintenance

A regular service and maintenance check are crucial to prevent printer and copier problems and make sure it is in working order. Therefore, plan the service checks according to the recommendation made by manufacturers or photocopy machine providers and leasers.

Check the frequency of maintenance service needed based on your photocopier Malaysia model and stick to the plans to avoid future unnecessary/unwanted issues.

  • Regularly clean your photocopier

Dust and dirt are one of the main factors for the damage of a photocopy machine. Keeping the photocopier clean is easy and takes a relatively short amount of time and could prevent issues in the long run. However, it is important to note the correct way to clean your photocopy machine such as by using non-abrasive fabric and spray that is designed specifically for the photocopy machine. Both the internal and external parts of your photocopy machine need regular cleaning to avoid problems such as paper jams and print streaks.


  • Attempt to fix a problem you’re not trained for

Most photocopy machines nowadays are generally safe but do not simply attempt to fix an issue without having any background knowledge or information. Faulty and incorrect fixes often could lead to more serious issues and cost you more than contacting a photocopy machine expert in the first place. Moreover, you could face the risk of getting injured if you mishandle the machine and shock yourself while trying to repair it. The best approach is to leave it to the photocopy repair service Malaysia to help you solve the problem.

  • Abruptly unplug the machine 

Although it might be frustrating when you face problems with your photocopier, do not act on your distress by suddenly unplugging the photocopy machine Malaysia when it is still turned on or currently undergoing a process. Try to shut down the photocopier normally by clicking the “Off” button and make sure it has turned off before switching off the power from the plug and safely removing it from the power socket. This ensures your machine has adequate time to prepare itself before shutting off.