Practice these tips to keep your photocopy machine in tiptop condition

Practice these tips to keep your photocopy machine in tiptop condition


  • Use high-quality products


It is always more thrilling to buy cheaper products and have a false sense of cost-saving. However, this is far from the truth because replacing the top of the line or manufacturer-approved toners, inks or spare parts for cheaper alternatives often ends up burning a hole in the company’s pocket. Cheap products come with low-quality attributes. For example, the use of fake cartridges could lead to toner leaks, clogging and printer damage. Frequently check that you are using the right and genuine products according to your relative photocopy machine Malaysia so you could save cost in the long run.



  • Keep the dust away!


Always keep an eye for any dust near these areas; the glass, paper tray and other parts of the photocopy machine that is susceptible to dust. One of the main places where dust builds up very quickly is on the glass, which could increase the risk of copier dusk and result that comes out fuzzy or gritty. To clean the area, use a non-abrasive cleaning cloth sprayed with anti-static glass cleaner specialized for copiers. Avoid spraying directly onto the glass, instead, spray the cleaner onto the fabric and gently clean the area. Clean dirt both on the inside and outside of the photocopy machine during complete routine photocopier maintenance using a small brush with fine hairs including areas such as paper trays and ink cartridge locations.



  • Turn it on, warm it up, shut it down.


These three steps should be synonymous with the daily usage of your photocopy machine. When you turn the photocopier on, allocate some time for the machine to warm up for approximately 30 seconds to a minute before you start using the photocopy machine. Finally, make sure to push the “OFF” button when you finish using the machine and before everyone heads off for the weekends. This vital step could prolong the life of your photocopy machine and will also save money on electric bills.



  • Handle with care


Always be gentle with your photocopy machine. Avoid these counterproductive practices; roughly opening and slamming shut the cover, forcefully refilling papers into the paper tray and doing other aggressive activities toward your photocopy machine. These are the examples of improper handling of the photocopy machine and could lead to early damage of a photocopier. If your photocopy machine is facing any problems, do contact your photocopy machine provider to get assistance, which brings us to the final tip. 



  • Contact the experts


If any problem persists, do not take time to contact a photocopy machine expert and they would be more than happy to assist you in your problems. You should also contact your local photocopy machine company for help and inquiries related to your machine. Experts know what is best for your photocopy machine and can help save more unnecessary troubles and expenses. Prevention is often better than care.


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