Renting or Buying a Copier: Which is The Best?

Renting or Buying a Copier: Which is The Best?

If you are reading this, you might have been tasked with the responsibility of procuring a photocopier Malaysia for your firm. After choosing which brand is best for your business and the specifications, the choice you’ll have to make is photocopier rental or outright purchase. This choice a factor of the following;

Your Copy Need and Requirement
Before you make up your mind, consider the volume of copy you might need. If you are going to be copying in thousands on a weekly basis, you should consider photocopier rental. When it’s low volume, then you might have to consider an outright purchase. Investing in a high volume photocopier will have a significant impact on your overhead costs.

Budget and Cost of Servicing
How much is your firm ready to cough out on a photocopier in Malaysia? The answer will determine whether you’ll be buying or rental a photocopier. Aside from the budget, the cost of servicing whichever photocopier you settle for should also guide your choice.

Two times out of three, a firm always settle for leasing. The following are the advantages of photocopier rental; the upfront cost is lower, Regardless of the size of your business and budget, you’ll be able to afford a photocopier rental.

In the long-run, leasing is more expensive. Photocopier rental won’t be a business if it’s not profitable to the owners. You can find yourself locked into a photocopier rental Malaysia contract for years.