Types of Photocopying Machines

Types of Photocopying Machines

Types of general photocopier Malaysia are based on the size of the photocopy machine. Coffee photo machines can be distinguished into three types, such as portable photocopy machines, medium size photocopy machines and large photo copy machines.

  1. Portable copy machine

Photocopier machine Malaysia small or commonly referred to as portable has its features, among others, easy to carry everywhere, carry, the speed of this photocopy machine in copying 5 to 10 pieces / minute, for size A4 paper size of 210 x 297 mm.

  1. Medium photocopiers

Medium or standard copier machines, this machine weighs ± 70 kg for copying speed from 15 to 25 sheets / minute, for A3 size 297 × 420 mm size and B4 size of 257 × 364 mm.

  1. Large photocopiers

Large copy photo machine that weighs more than 70 kg of speed in copying at least 3 pieces / minute This machine can enlarge and also minimize, doubling the replication on colored paper and equipped with sorting tool for automatic document board.